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About BNI

BNI is the most successful business-networking organisation of its kind in the world! BNI Dorset runs some of the most highly acclaimed networking events in the UK. We have created the perfect local business environment in Dorset to help our members exchange highly profitable business referrals and share great new ideas to build better businesses.

BNI members all believe in the philosophy of Givers Gain®.

“If I give you business, you will want to give me business.”

Unlike other networkers, Dorset BNI members don’t try to sell to each other. Instead of selling, they educate one another about their different businesses and the types of referrals they would like to receive. This is a highly successful collaborative way of networking that consistently delivers results.

Come and visit us to find out more.

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Trades and Professions you’ll find at BNI Dorset

How Can BNI Help My Business?

BNI has literally helped and supported thousands of trades and professions throughout Dorset for more than 16 years. BNI’s Referral Marketing System works for almost every type of industry and size of business and recognised as a proven new business formula. Small businesses rely on trust. We ensure that the relationship marketing you engage in protects that trust and builds your business. This structured approach goes way beyond networking. It shows members how they can build trust with one another and so become confident about the referrals they both give and receive.

Tangible Business Benefits

There are numerous BNI business benefits including:

  • Referral marketing techniques and training
  • Presentation skills workshops
  • Networking skills guidance
  • New creative ideas for 60 second pitches
  • New business development initiatives

Find out how BNI can help you build a better business by visiting a local BNI group near you.

Here are the 5 best weekly networking events help in Dorset. Come along and meet like-minded business people who will inspire you.

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